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2017 was the most important year for me. That year I participated in the

RedBull3Style National Final for the first time. I won the second place that

made it possible to do DJing full time. In 2018, I participated in the competition again.

This time I managed to reach the title of national champion of 

RedBull3Style. This win allowed me to represent the Czech Republic in the World

Final in January 2019 in Taiwan. There I competed for a week with others

24 finalists from all over the world and tried to captivate the jury within 15 minutes of my set. In addition to countless events played, that same year,  I completed the tour called Ben Cristovao's RedBullTour, which took place at two venues, in Brno and in České Budějovice, and culminated in a sold-out Prague's O2 arena. I put my creativity and diligence also into a project called @playof. With this project, I was part of the largest festivals in the Czech Republic, such as Beats For Love, Colors of Ostrava or High Jump.